Dropping Summer 2019 . . .

Are your handknit sweaters
fulfilling their promise to you?

I’m willing to bet these were some of things that inspired you to start knitting:

  • To make unique garments that actually fit.

  • To create sweaters that you love instead of making do with manufactured sweaters.

  • To craft garments that flatter—with all the elements you love, and none of the ones you hate

  • To have a wardrobe that answers to you, instead of the other way around.

So, is it working out that way?

If so, CONGRATS! (We’re all supremely jealous!)

But if you’re still struggling to get a handle on knitting sweaters—or haven’t quite found the courage the take the leap into sweater knitting—read on for a sneak peek of a brand new e-course from MediaPeruana Designs that will teach you to…


sweater siren graphic (1).png

With this brand new e-course, you’ll grow from
Sweater Novice to Sweater Siren!

sweater siren course content.png
sweaters that last (1).png

Week 1, Sweaters that Last: Learn to choose the right fibers and yarn for sweater projects, and how to care for your sweaters so they last for years.

sweaters that fit.png

Week 2, Sweaters that Fit: Pros and cons of different sweater styles, how to measure yourself correctly for a sweater and, yes, GAUGE.

Week 3, Swatch:  Gauge issues, and how to adjust to get gauge on your next swatch. Plus, how to keep your swatches honest. Failing to get row gauge and what to watch for.

Week 3, Sweaters that Flatter: Adjusting patterns to fit your measurements or gauge, and giving sweater designs your own unique spin with simple modifications.

sweaters you love (1).png

Week 4, Sweaters you Love: Jump start your sweater design mojo. Basic sweater construction, pattern math, and considerations to create sweaters just for YOU.

sweater a long.png

Finish off the course with a sweater-a-long with all your classmates!
Pick a pattern or create your own, we’ll all work together to finish a sweater for Fall 2019.

Want to learn more? Provide your email address and I’ll let you know when enrollment for Sweater Siren opens!