Are your handknit sweaters
fulfilling their promise to you?

I’m willing to bet these were some of things that inspired you to start knitting:

  • To make unique garments that actually fit.

  • To create sweaters that you love instead of making do with manufactured sweaters.

  • To craft garments that flatter—with all the elements you love, and none of the ones you hate

  • To have a wardrobe that answers to you, instead of the other way around.

So, is it working out that way?

If so, CONGRATS! (We’re all supremely jealous!)

But if you’re still struggling to get a handle on knitting sweaters—or haven’t quite found the courage the take the leap into sweater knitting—read on for more info about a brand new e-course from MediaPeruana Designs that will teach you to…


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With this brand new e-course, you’ll grow from
Sweater Novice to Sweater Siren!

Class is in session July 8!

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Week 1, Sweaters that Last: Learn to choose the right fibers and yarn for sweater projects, and how to care for your sweaters so they last for years.

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Week 2, Sweaters that Fit: Pros and cons of different sweater styles, how to measure yourself correctly for a sweater and, yes, GAUGE.

Week 3, Swatch:  Gauge issues, and how to adjust to get gauge on your next swatch. Plus, how to keep your swatches honest. Failing to get row gauge and what to watch for.

Week 3, Sweaters that Flatter: Adjusting patterns to fit your measurements or gauge, and giving sweater designs your own unique spin with simple modifications.

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Week 4, Sweaters you Love: Jump start your sweater design mojo. Basic sweater construction, pattern math, and considerations to create sweaters just for YOU.

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Finish off the course with a sweater-a-long with all your classmates!
Pick a pattern or create your own, we’ll all work together to finish a sweater for Fall 2019.


What you’re probably thinking now is, "Is this course for me?"

And the simple answer is, if you're a sweater knitter—or WANT to be—this course is for you!

This course is for you if:

  • You’ve always wanted to knit a sweater but never took the leap

  • You’ve knit many a sweater, but never one that actually fit

  • You often consider modifying existing sweater patterns, but need more guidance to get it right

  • You’re ready to try creating your own unique sweater designs from scratch

Whether you're a new knitter who's unsure about knitting sweaters or an experienced one who's always found it frustrating, this course will give you a better understanding of sweater care, fit and construction and put you on the road to sweater success—and a beautiful finished project!


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Sweater Siren kicks off on July 8. Throughout this 4-week e-course, you'll receive

  • Email lessons and homework assignments delivered straight to your inbox weekly

  • 3-4 video modules for each lesson, to watch at your own pace each week

  • A workbook, which we'll work through together over the course of the program

  • A weekly live video chat and Q&A, where I can answer your questions in real time

  • An exclusive Sweater Sirens Facebook group for past and current students, where you can interact with fellow students as well as your instructor

  • Plus bonus resources and materials to help you take your sweater knits up a notch

Weekly lessons, 4+ hours of instructional video content, a workbook, weekly live discussions, exclusive bonus materials, and an interactive sweater-a-long--all of this from the comfort of your own home, for just $40!


Since this is the first run of my Sweater Siren course, I have a special discount to offer my first round of students—

Enroll in Sweater Siren TODAY for only $30!

That’s less than $10/week!

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My name’s Kristen, I’ve been a knitter for over a decade and a knitting pattern designer for about half that time.

And I LOVE sweaters.

Sweaters are the entire reason I started knitting.
Don’t get me wrong—shawls, socks, hats, etc. are all great.
But sweaters are my true knitting love.

And when I started knitting sweaters, I had so many questions:

What is ease? Do I want ease? How much?
(For several years, I just knit whatever was closest to 34 because that was my bra size!)

This yarn is the same weight, but is it really right for this sweater?
(More than once I discovered the answer was NO.)

Do I really need to check my gauge? How different could it be?
(YES, you absolutely DO need to check your gauge—and do it right!)

Why doesn’t this sweater fit right? I got gauge and followed the pattern!
(Turns out, my shoulders are comparatively broad, so some sweater styles fit better than others!)

And when I started designing sweaters, I had even MORE questions!
Simply knitting the sweaters didn’t really help me understand how they were constructed or what proportions were important because I was just following the pattern and assuming it would work out. But, it’s key to creating a truly great-fitting sweater!

The truth is, you will find the answers to these and other questions eventually—either through trial and error, reading knitting books, or watching YouTube tutorials.

But I wanted to put all of this sweater information in ONE place, with lessons you could access from the comfort of your own home. I wanted to combine the experience of an in-person workshop, with the convenience of learning on your own schedule.
So Sweater Siren was born.

This is the inaugural run of Sweater Siren, but it’s not my first e-course. Swatch Master, my signature e-course all about swatching, just finished its second run in March.
Here’s what some of my students had to say:

“The course was absolutely fantastic, covering all aspects of swatching. It has definitely inspired me to swatch for any knitting project I am doing. It made me realise that swatching is not only done to find gauge, but to really get a feel for how the yarn will perform at a particular gauge and in a particular stitch pattern. Thank you Kristen for a great course. I will definitely be back for any other courses that you create.” - Lisa, Swatch Master Spring 2018



Don't miss out!

Class starts July 8—enroll today and commit to making your sweaters the best they can be!

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Is this course self-paced?
Yes and no. You can watch the video lessons at any time after they are delivered each week, and will retain access to them after the course concludes. However, lessons will be delivered once a week during the course's run, and live chats will only take place during the course timeframe (July 8 - August 2, 2019). In addition, the course will only be offered at specific times of the year.

When will the course be offered again?
Sweater Siren is currently offered once per year, in the summer; if demand increases, a second run may be added. (I also offer Sweater Siren as a 3-hour in-person workshop through local yarn shops in the mid-Atlantic area; if you'd like to see me teach at your local shop, have your LYS get in touch!)

What forms of payment are accepted?
Both credit card (Visa, Mastercard and Discover) and PayPal.

Do you offer refunds?
Receive a full refund if you withdraw from class before July 15.