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Episode 5: Now with Antimicrobial Properties
Original airdate: May 17, 2019


Episode 5 Show Notes
Show notes may contain affiliate links

There are somehow only 4.5 weeks of school left. We’ve made the decision that Ollie won’t be starting Kindergarten in the fall, he’ll be doing another year of pre-K. That means my plans to potentially expand my business, or pick up my freelance translation work, in 2020 are on hold.
We had a relatively quiet Mother’s Day celebration and my husband made homemade ice cream, which is delicious, but also renders all store-bought ice cream inedible because it tastes so watery in comparison.

We just had the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival here this month. Friday evening I stopped by The Knot House for their annual indie pop-up shop and picked up some yarns from Olann, Chelsea Luxe, and the Knot House’s new line of handdyed yarn. I missed Shelli Can’s pins but snagged an Old Bae shirt that I love. For reference: Old Bay.
Saturday I went to the festival on my own, but got there later than usual owing to spending the morning launching 3 new patterns. I grabbed some yarns from Bumblebee Acres Fiber Farm and Jill Draper Makes Stuff, as well as some earrings from Jennie the Potter. I had 2 new design on display at the Avalon Springs Farm booth.
Saturday night a few friends came over for the Sip ‘n’ Knit, which was very chill and a great way to spend the evening of a busy weekend.
Sunday we took the kids to the festival in the rain to see the sheep and jump in mud puddles. First we stopped at Victoria Gastro Pub for lunch.

Pattern Drop:
I’ve released 3 new patterns this month: the Albemarle shawl and Mándame Flores pullover with yarns from Avalon Springs Farm, and the Soundside pullover in The Farmers Daughter Fibers’ Foxy Lady and Mighty Mo.
Albemarle is a big sister to the Currituck Sound shawl and incorporates slipped stitch patterning, fisherman’s rib and brioche. It used nearly 1000 yards of yarn!
Mándame Flores is a bottom-up drop shoulder with colorwork at the hem and uses a new yarn from ASF that’s superwash merino spun with copper—copper apparently has antimicrobial properties.
Soundside is also a bottom-up drop shoulder worked with a fingering weight yarn and a laceweight mohair yarn held together—it is VERY warm! It was on display at the Knot House for their pop-up and then Candice took it to Black Mountain Yarn shop for her trunk show, but it should be back in my possession soon—although it’s way too warm to wear it now.

News & Notes:
With the publication of Soundside, my Knit Design in Time experiment is over. I tried to calculate how long it takes to bring a pattern from concept to publication. Soundside, bearing in mind that I was more than a bit rushed at the end, took 44.3 hours. (For a further breakdown of all the details, check this blog post.) I also did a little math to see how many copies I need to sell to earn 1. minimum wage and 2. a livable wage for those hours.

On the Needles/Off the Needles:
As usual I finished nothing (except my 3 new designs!), but I did start a new project. On Mother’s Day I decided to cast on a new selfish project: Clio by Elizabeth Dougherty/Blue Bee Studio, knit in Jill Draper Makes Stuff Rockwell in the Ichabod’s Pumpkin colorway, which I purchased at MDSW. So far I’ve only gotten as far as my first swatch.

I’m moderately obsessed with the Wool, Needles, Hands podcast and Fiber for the People yarn, both from Tayler Earl. The podcast has an amazing production quality and nice long episodes full of knits. I haven’t gotten my hands on any Fiber for the People yarn yet, I’m hoping to join her next club, but I love watching her behind-the-scenes dyeing vlogs, showing how she makes these amazing colorways.

Wrapping Up:
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Episode 4: Design Time & Wine
Original airdate: April 15, 2019


Episode 4 show notes
Show notes may contain affiliate links

We had an actual date night, so we got out of the house and went to see Adam Conover’s Mind Parasites. You might know him from Adam Ruins Everything, which is on Tru TV and Netflix. After the show we had a delicious dinner full of Peruvian food and drinks at Pisco y Nazca Ceviche Gastrobar.

Somehow it’s almost Easter already, which means Maryland Sheep and Wool is around the corner, and then it’s practically summer! I’ve been busy trying to work out summer camps for my kids. They are both special needs. I found a camp for JJ that caters to kids on the Autism spectrum, which will be for 2 weeks in July. I had to search a lot harder to find a camp for Ollie, who has DiGeorge Syndrome (22 Q Deletion Syndrome) and still cannot speak at age 4. He’ll be going to camp at the place where he has speech therapy. Unfortunately the camps have the same run times and I have no way to magically drop them both off and pick them both up at the exact same time, so they’ll be going 2 different weeks—no break for mom this summer.

I’m hosting a Saturday Night Sip ‘n’ Knit during Maryland Sheep and Wool! This event is designed to be a bit more peaceful than the festival, and a welcome respite from spending money—we’ll just drink wine, eat snacks, knit and chat. It will take place at my home on Saturday night.  In light of the ongoing discussions surrounding exclusion, representation and racism in the fiber arts community, I want to note that this is intended to be an inclusive event, and everyone is welcome—unless you have found those discussions and the actions behind them offensive, in which case, you probably need to find another event. And while it’s called Sip ‘n’ Knit, crafters who crochet, spin or participate in other fiber arts are also welcome.

I’m located about 25 minutes from the fairgrounds, and about 30 minutes from Frederick, MD, where The Knot House has their popular pop-up shop and Magpie Fibers is having their studio open house that weekend. Message me if you’re interested in attending! (If you’re not interested but looking for something to do Saturday night, there’s a baseball game at Camden Yards and it’s Star Wars night.)

On the Needles/Off the Needles
 As usual, I have nothing off the needles. But since the warm weather is returning, I dug up a WIP from last summer that I’m going to put back on the needles. The pattern is 003 by Veronica Jobe of YOTH Yarns, and the yarn is YOTH Best Friend, 75% cotton, 25% merino wool, in the Mint colorway.

My Weekender continues to languish. It only needs sleeves, so perhaps after getting some design work done this month, I can finally finish it next month.

I just barely cast on a new slipper sock design, intended to be published this summer. This pattern will be called Caluroso and is a follow-up to my 2016 pattern, Calentito. I’m working it in Woolberry Fiber Co. Berry Sock, 80% BFL, 20% nylon, in the Caramel Mocha colorway.

I’m also working on the Soundside pullover in The Farmers Daughter Fibers Foxy Lady and Mighty Mo. I just sent the pattern to my poor test knitters, who always have to decide whether or not to test my designs without seeing the finished project.

For this design, I am timing myself to see exactly how many hours I put into the pattern, from concept to publication. I mentioned this on Instagram and several other designers said they wanted to try to do the same. Andrea from @knittinlittle suggested a hashtag, which is #knitdesignintime . Check it out if you want to see more of what goes into pattern design.

Grab Your Visa
I’ve been trying to grow my nails out, but I’ve always had weak, peely nails. I purchased a nail strengthener, which seems to have really helped. It did dry out my skin a bit, so I also bought some cuticle oil that not only works well, but smells good.

I grabbed a copy of Knitting Fresh Brioche by Nancy Marchant recently, and it is a must have if you’re interested in learning brioche or taking your brioche skills to the next level. It has patterns, a stitch library, and nearly 50 pages of instruction and techniques to help you get the hang of brioche. I used some basic brioche in the Currituck Sound shawl, and am adding some more advanced brioche in my current shawl design, Albemarle.

Wrapping Up
The winner of the Episode 3 giveaway was announced in today’s episode! Please get in touch if that’s you; email me at mediaperuana at

Thanks everyone for watching, and a special thanks to my Patreon Patrons for supporting the podcast. If you would like to support the podcast and get exclusive bonus episodes every month, you can learn all about how to do that on my Patreon site.

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Episode 3: Pretty, Rain, Bark
Original airdate: March 14, 2019


Episode 3 show notes

It’s been a cold, gray, wet winter in Maryland and we’re all ready for spring. I’ve been watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix and trying to do some decluttering and spring cleaning. I’m also trying to do a random act of kindness every day for Lent.

I’ve swatched for a drop shoulder pullover in The Farmer’s Daughter Fibers Mighty Mo and Foxy Lady, to debut around Maryland Sheep and Wool—my swatch is so fuzzy! But I have to finish a few other design projects before I can cast on.
I’m also working on a shawl in collaboration with Avalon Springs Farm, as well as a sweater, for Maryland Sheep and Wool.

Pattern Drop:
I re-released a pattern previously published with Knit Picks, the Guapa Mittens, which now includes 2 extra sizes and a fingerless mitts option. My new sample uses sport weight Shetland from The Ross Farm. You can grab Guapa along with the Lluvia and Corteza fingerless mitts patterns right now for $10. Use code MITTSMANIA at checkout (through 3/22/19).

How’s That?
This month I’m sharing the pronunciation and meaning of those 3 pattern names: Guapa (pretty), Lluvia (rain) and Corteza (bark).

Knit Styling:
Undergarments! When I wear my favorite sweater design, Torbellino, which has a deep, wide neckline, I often wear bralettes with lacy straps, rather than a strapless bra. I’ve recently purchased 2 from Aerie. They look nicer than regular bra straps and are more comfortable than a strapless bra.

Stash Flash:
I’ve got all kinds of new yarns for future designs:
Two skeins of Gluttony in Harry Potter colorways from Forbidden Fiber Co plus a skein of her Proverbs cotton/linen blend for some swatching for a possible future design.
Some Nurtured in Miel from Julie Asselin for a saddle-shoulder cardigan to be released in August for a sweater-a-long, following the first run of my brand new e-course, Sweater Siren
Some Hedgehog Fibers Merino Aran in Dijon for another fall cardigan, to debut around Rhinebeck (which I will be attending this year!).

Swatch Master has kicked off. It’s only offered in the spring, so this is the only run this year.
The Juntos Knit-a-Long for Togetherness is winding down. This KAL for my 2018 collection, Juntos Knits for Togetherness, ends March 15.
The most popular pattern for the KAL has been the Ex Nine socks. I still haven’t finished my own pair, in Swift Yarns [K1] Bliss Sock in the West Village colorway.
And I’m doing a little yarn-and-pattern giveaway for this month’s podcast! You could win the Ex Nine socks pattern and a skein of Woolberry Fiber Co. sock yarn. You have until the April episode drops to enter!

Wrapping Up:
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Episode 2: Eyebrows and Chipped Nails
Original airdate: February 13, 2019


Episode 2 Show Notes
Note: Show notes may contain affiliate links

I provide a too-long recap of Vogue Knitting Live NYC. 
I took the train up to NYC from Baltimore on Friday and on the way discovered that the northeast regional train actually goes to Kingston, NY/Rhinebeck—but train tix for a family of 4 would be too pricey, no matter how much the kids would love it.
For VKL I stayed at the Courtyard Marriott Times Square, but the actual event was at the Marriott Marquis Times Square.
On Friday I attended a lecture with Queen of Cables Norah Gaughan. I was a bit surprised by her method for charting cables and lace. I use Stitch Fiddle, a web app, which has both free and paid options.
The Marketplace was somewhat relaxed Friday night. Magpie Fibers had a big, beautiful booth as usual and I spotted the ladies from Selvage Knits working there. Some booths, like Brooklyn General Store, were crazy crowded, even on Friday.
Saturday the Marketplace was packed in the morning. In the afternoon I took a class on steeking and zippers with Franklin Habit. It focused on crocheted steeks and hand-sewing in zippers and I would definitely recommend taking a class with him.
Sunday morning I did a little more shopping and then headed home.
VKL was interesting and fun, but I prefer the outdoor festivals like Maryland Sheep and Wool and Rhinebeck.

My Empty Wallet
All the yarn I bought at VKL! Spoiler alert: I bought too much yarn (but to my credit, I missed Rhinebeck last year, which is usually a big chunk of my yearly yarn spending).
I show off my new yarns from Less Traveled Yarn, Six and Seven Fiber (from the Starlight Knitting Society booth, where they also had GORGEOUS project bags from Twill and Print that I really want now), Asylum Fibers, Biches and Buches (which I don’t know how to pronounce), Little Fox Yarn and Primrose Yarn Co. The Primrose booth was huge and amazing, and I share a story of chatting with the owner for a bit a few years ago in the Skeinny Dipping booth at the Rhinebeck Indie Untangled Trunk Show because she was carrying an Orioles handbag.

Me and My Bright Ideas
I was recently approached by I Like Knitting to refresh my Boardwalk Tee pattern for their June 2019 issue, and I suggested using a different yarn. Based on some information I got at TNNA a few years ago, I suggested Louet Euroflax as an option. Euroflax is 100% wet spun linen, and after washing and drying it according to the label directions it’s lovely. But before that, it’s like knitting with a crunchy strand of twine and not enjoyable at all (although not as bad as knitting with Sugar and Cream).

Grab Your Credit Card
I talk about 2 must have products for me, one knitting-related and one not.
First, the Akerworks swatch gauge. Has teeth to hold it in place and cut outs so you can easily count stitches and rows. The only thing I use for checking gauge now, and totally worth the price ($17.50).
Second, More Brows. I got a sample of this from BirchBox and love it. If you lived through the late 90s/early 2000s, you’ll remember the skinny brows trend. My eyebrows never recovered from all the plucking, and this gel makes what little brows I have left fuller and darker. It’s quick and easy to use, doesn’t flake off and lasts all day. ($18)

I share the yarn for an upcoming pullover design which will be published in the Winter 2019/2020 issue of a popular knitting magazine. Yarn is Harrisville Designs WATERshed and it smells like sheep (but in a good way). I used the same colorway (Driftwood) of the sportweight version of this yarn (flyWHEEL) for the Marina di Chioggia capelet published in I Like Knitting last year.

News and Notes
Enrollment is now open for Swatch Master, my signature e-course all about swatching, gauge, and setting you up for handknit success. The e-course starts March 4 and lasts 4 weeks, with 4+ hours of video instruction, a workbook, a private Facebook group and more. For the first week of enrollment, the price is just $30. Learn more and sign up here.

Wrapping Up
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Lowest prices on the best yarn - guaranteed at


Original airdate: January 11, 2019


Note: Show notes may contain affiliate links


Hi, I’m Kristen. Here’s some background on me, my business, MediaPeruana Designs, and why I started this podcast. You can support my business and this podcast by sponsoring MediaPeruana Designs via Patreon.

You can find the podcast on YouTube and on the podcast site, Hilo & Stitch; to subscribe, point your podcast app to
I’m currently working to make it available through Apple podcasts and Stitcher; it should be available in the very near future.

Find my knitting patterns in my Ravelry shop.
I also maintain a blog.

 On the Needles/Off the Needles

I recently finished a pair of Mine slippers by Faye Kennington/UkeeKnits for the Indie Design Gift-a-Long. They’re knit in Magpie Fibers Plush Bulky in the Ghost Town colorway.

I’m currently working on a Weekender sweater by Andrea Mowry, using Neighborhood Fiber Co. Subte Worsted.

Over the holidays I knit my sister a Brioche Bandana Cowl by Lavanya Patricella using Forbidden Fiber Co. yarn, and now I’ve cast on an Opari hat by Ysolda to match.  


I’m currently working on 2 indie designs. The first is a re-release of the Guapa mittens, published by Knit Picks as part of the Little Luxuries collection. The original mitts are worked in Paragon. I’ve added 2 sizes to the pattern and a fingerless mitts options—I’m working the fingerless mitts sample in 100% Shetland sport weight from The Ross Farm. The revised mitten pattern is currently being test knit; if you’re interested in test knitting for MPD, find more info on my website.

I’m also working on a pair of colorwork fingerless mitts inspired by the Casa de los Azulejos in Mexico City. I’m using some Magpie Fibers Solo Fingering leftover from a Harlow hat I knit my husband for Christmas.

 How’s That?

MediaPeruana means half-Peruvian. Media is the adjective meaning half, and Peruana means Peruvian.
“Media” as a noun means “sock,” so the name can also be read as “Peruvian sock.”

Hilo & Stitch translates to Yarn & Stitch

Other knitting words in Spanish:
Knit = tejer
Stitches = puntos
Needles = agujas


I’m currently hosting the Juntos Knit-a-Long for Togetherness, based on my 2018 pattern collection Juntos: Knits for Togetherness. To participate, just knit any pattern from the collection. Anzula Luxury Fibers is a sponsor for the event, so you’ll earn bonus prize entries for using Anzula yarns for your project(s). Find more KAL information in the KAL thread in my Ravelry group. I’m hoping to finish my Ex Nine socks during the KAL.

 January 25 – 27 I will be attending Vogue Knitting Live in NYC.

 Wrapping up

Find me on Instagram and Facebook as MediaPeruana, and as MediaPeruana on Ravelry!