Privacy Policy


Kristen Jancuk/MediaPeruana Designs respects your privacy.  This Privacy Policy is intended to explain how any personal information provided when you access this website, purchase patterns, e-courses or other products or services, subscribe to the newsletter, or contact Kristen Jancuk/MediaPeruana Designs directly, is collected, used, shared, and protected.

Any changes to this Policy will be reflected in a change in the “last update” date below. Changes become effective immediately upon publication, and you waive specific notice of any changes to the Policy by continuing to use and access the site. 

All services used by Kristen Jancuk/MediaPeruana Designs are provided by third-party platforms. Such providers have their own individual privacy policies, but will only collect, use and disclose your information to the extent necessary to allow them to provide the relevant services.


The MediaPeruana Designs newsletter is hosted by MailChimp; read their privacy policy here:
MailChimp stores any data you provide when subscribing. Kristen Jancuk/MediaPeruana Designs has access to such data, but it remains stored on MailChimp. Kristen Jancuk/MediaPeruana Designs may use such data to contact you directly in the event that you have won a prize or contest offered specifically to newsletter subscribers.

Pattern & e-book sales

Digital patterns and e-books are sold through; read their privacy policy here:
Kristen Jancuk/MediaPeruana Designs receives a copy of each confirmation email sent after purchase as proof of delivery; this email contains only your Ravelry user name and is deleted immediately. Ravelry also stores your email address, which may be linked to your Ravelry account if you are a member. Kristen Jancuk/MediaPeruana Designs has access to this information, and may use it in the case of a customer service issue, but all data remains stored on

Pattern and e-book payments

All payments for digital patterns and e-books are processed through PayPal; read their privacy policy here:
PayPal collects personal data from customers, including full name and email address. Such personal data remains on PayPal’s site, can be accessed by Kristen Jancuk/MediaPeruana Designs and may be used if a customer service issues arises. However, if and when Kristen Jancuk/MediaPeruana Designs downloads sales data from PayPal for accounting purposes, no personal customer data is downloaded or stored.

E-course sales and payments

E-course sales and payments are managed through the website host, SquareSpace; read their privacy policy here:
Data collected by SquareSpace when you purchase an e-course remains on the site, and can be accessed by Kristen Jancuk/MediaPeruana Designs. The email address you provide when purchasing an e-course will be used to communicate with you via MailChimp (see above) for the duration of the course; it will then be removed from MailChimp, but will remain on SquareSpace. No other personal information is used or stored by Kristen Jancuk/MediaPeruana Designs.
Payments for e-course are processed by SquareSpace through PayPal or Stripe. Find Stripe’s privacy policy here:

Blog Comments and Usage Data

Kristen Jancuk/MediaPeruana Designs receives an email for each comment left on the blog, which is deleted. SquareSpace retains this information, and it may be accessed by Kristen Jancuk/MediaPeruana Designs to contact you only for the purpose of a blog-hosted giveaway or contest. SquareSpace also provides basic website analytics. All such data is stored within SquareSpace to provide website owners with insight and contains no personal information.

Contact Form and Direct Email

When you contact Kristen Jancuk/MediaPerana Designs directly via email or a contact form found on this site, your name and email address will be stored in Google Drive and/or my email (Gmail) or newsletter (MailChimp) service provider. Such information is never shared; your details remain private.


Ravelry, MailChimp, PayPal and SquareSpace all use cookies; cookies can be deleted via your browser.


Last update: 26 May 2018