Patreon: Revamping for 2019

With a new year, and as previously discussed my last year to try to earn a fair wage from MediaPeruana Designs, approaching, I’ve decided to revamp my Patreon site—to make it more rewarding both for Patrons and for me!

In case you’re unfamiliar with Patreon, it is a platform where artists and creators can share their work with Patrons who support them. It’s a way to take some of the uncertainty out of creative jobs where income can vary wildly. For example, the same amount of work goes into a knitting pattern that’s successful and a knitting pattern that flops—but I don’t earn the same amount of money from them. And some of the work I do—creating tutorials and running KALs, for example—is not directly compensated, so a steady stream of income helps ensure I can keep doing that work.

Patreon will continue to be a site where I share behind-the-scenes info, design sneak peeks, and other content exclusively for my Patrons, but I’ve decided to restructure the Reward Tiers—that is, the sponsorship levels at which you can support MediaPeruana Designs, and the perks that go along with them.

Beginning today, January 1, the new rewards structure looks like this:

Neighbors ($1+/month)

  • New design sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes photos and other Patrons-only content posted here on Patreon 

  • Access to the Patrons-only free pattern library (this includes the free patterns that are available to my newsletter subscribers, plus additional patterns that are ONLY free for Patrons)

  • A monthly, Patrons-only episode of my podcast, plus bonus special event podcasts for Maryland Sheep and Wool, Rhinebeck, Vogue Knitting Live, and other events

  • Exclusive pricing on every new pattern: $4 for accessories and $5 for garments

  • Two free pattern coupon codes each year (delivered in June and December)

  • A free Patrons-only pattern if we reach a funding goal. The current funding goal is $100/ month and if we reach it in 2019, with Patron input I will design a brand new pattern just for you. It will be free for all Patrons, and remain exclusive to Patreon for 1 calendar year

Amigos ($5+/month)
All Neighbors perks, plus

  • Early access to podcast episodes and new tutorials

  • A monthly free pattern (this will replace the current indie pattern "subscription"; instead, you will receive a coupon code each month that can be used on the new pattern released that month, or any pattern from the back catalog)

  • Free participation in the annual not-mystery knit-a-long

  • 1 new Patrons-only pattern every year: With Patron input, I will design a brand new pattern each year, which will be free and exclusive to Amigos+ Patrons for 1 calendar year

  • Discount pricing on e-courses (Swatch Master, which will run again in March 2019, and Sweater Siren, my new course launching in Summer 2019) 

BFFs ($8+/month)
All Neighbors and Amigos perks, plus

  • Early access to and discounts on sample sales and destashes

  • 2 bonus free patterns each year

  • One free e-course per calendar year

So you’ve got free patterns and exclusive content at every level, plus other fun stuff like e-course discounts, early access, and new patterns designed just for Patrons sprinkled throughout.

Again, these changes will go into effect today, January 1. I’m also running a little referral bonus throughout the month of January. You can earn a free pattern if you refer someone to my Patreon and they sign up to sponsor MediaPeruana Designs. Just tell them to message me and let me know who referred them, easy peasy!

2018 in Review

Well, here we are—the last day of 2018. As with every year, it seems impossible.

And as with every year, I had a mix of accomplishments and . . . let’s call them “missed opportunities,” rather than failures. Here’s a quick snapshot of the year, business wise:

2018 infographic.png

Sales are up nearly 10% over last year (woohoo!), but my income is actually up almost 25%—I increased my prices at the beginning of the year, and offered fewer sales in 2018, which seems to have worked out for me. (I still have a lot of work to do to reach my goal of a fair wage, however!)

Now, let’s take a look at the goals I set back in January:

  • 10 new pattern releases (including an upcoming collection, Juntos)—FIFTEEN!

  • 6 new SELFISH knits for me me me—HAH! 2.

  • finish 1 existing WIP each month—This is adorable. I’m not sure I finished any WIPs, though I did decide to abandon a few

  • launch Swatch Master—DONE!

  • cold sheep (except for fiber fests/events)—I honestly didn’t really keep track. I know I didn’t buy a lot of yarn outside of fiber events, and what I did buy was mainly for designing, so I’ll call this a win.

What will 2019 bring? For starters, a new podcast, a new e-course, and of course, new patterns. More on my 2019 plans and goals later this week!

How did 2018 turn out for you?

Gift-a-Long 2018: My Top 5

Every year for the gift-a-long, I struggle not to spend all my earnings on other designers’ patterns—there are just SO MANY beautiful ones included in the sale! But I am 1 knitter with a career in knitting. Time to actually knit other designers’ patterns is … scarce at best.

So, I try to keep the gimmes in check and just buy a few, always with the knowledge that it might be months or years before I actually use them—there’s nothing wrong with a well-stocked pattern library! This year I thought I’d give a few of the Gift-a-Long’s talented designers a shout-out and share the 5 patterns I’ve picked for myself:

Sizzle Pop by Lesley Anne Robinson, AKA Knit Graffiti

Sizzle Pop by Lesley Anne Robinson, AKA Knit Graffiti

I have been having lots of fun knitting brioche lately, but I’m definitely not a brioche master, so generally speaking, I’m happy to let others do the brioche pattern writing. I love Sizzle Pop, a gorgeous 2-color shawl, and am looking forward to stash diving for this project. Eventually.

Edgevale Tank by Kerri Blumer, AKA kerriknits

Edgevale Tank by Kerri Blumer, AKA kerriknits

Kerri documented her creation process for the Edgevale Tank on Instagram earlier this year, and it was fascinating to watch from beginning to end—it’s amazing how differently designers can work! I love this swingy tank with that lace detail on the yoke. It’s a must-knit for me. Someday.

G’night Cap by Sarah Schira, AKA, Imagined Landscapes

G’night Cap by Sarah Schira, AKA, Imagined Landscapes

The adorable G’night Cap may not be one of my most practical aspirational knits, but it’s too darling to pass up. I will definitely force one of my children to wear this one to school one day.

Non-Euclidian, by Sarah Jordan, AKA, PAKnitWit

Non-Euclidian, by Sarah Jordan, AKA, PAKnitWit

I can’t pass up a fun new sock heel, but would never have the patience to try to design one. Luckily, Sarah Jordan’s Non-Euclidian does all the geometry for me, I just have to cast on and knit. At some point. (It’s worth noting that last year or maybe even the year before I bought Sarah’s Pierogi slipper socks pattern and still haven’t knit them.)

Mine by Faye Kennington, AKA UkeeKnits

Mine by Faye Kennington, AKA UkeeKnits

Squishy snuggly slippers are always a good idea. I’ve been eyeing Mine since the pattern was released, and can’t wait to grab it—this is a project I might actually start and finish during the Gift-a-Long. I mean, if I had some super bulky yarn . . .

So there you have it, my top 5 patterns for the 2018 Indie Design Gift-a-Long. What are you hoping or planning to knit for this year’s event? Don’t forget, the sale starts TONIGHT at 8pm EST and runs through November 29—get 25% off eligible patterns from myself and hundreds of other designers with code giftalong2018. Find all the details in the Indie GAL group—hope to see you there!