Questions and Pattern Support

Occasionally mistakes make their way into patterns, despite my best efforts and the efforts of my very skilled test knitters and tech editors! When errors are discovered in a self-published pattern, a revised version of the pattern is created and delivered to all buyers via Ravelry. Unfortunately it's not possible to deliver corrected patterns automatically to buyers through other websites where MPD patterns are sold, or through 3rd party publishers.

Please find below a list of errata, clarifications, and frequently-asked questions related to current MPD patterns.

When viewed or printed in black-and-white, the pattern repeat in the Abrigado chart, which is outlined in red bold, isn't visible.
When working from the chart, repeat stitches 1-48 3 times (144 stitches total) before working the last 3 stitches, 49-51. 

The setup rnd for Size Small should read: Knit, increasing 1 st (65 sts). The chart for Size Small should have the red repeat line after stitch 26. After completing the chart, decrease 1 st before beginning top ribbing.
(A revised version of the pattern has been sent to buyers via Ravelry)



Check the tutorials page for guidance on a variety of knitting techniques. As I work to build my library of tutorials, you can find a wealth of resources on how to work specific knitting stitches on YouTube!


A list of the abbreviations used is included on page 3 of every MediaPeruana Designs indie pattern. Patterns published by a third party (yarn company, magazine, or other publisher) may use different abbreviations; please refer to the publisher for their list of standard abbreviations.

Chart Symbols

A chart key is included with any chart used in MediaPeruana Designs' indie patterns. Patterns published by a third party (yarn company, magazine, or other publisher) may use different chart symbols; please refer to the publisher for their list of standard chart symbols.

Written Instructions

When feasible, written instructions accompany charts used in MediaPeruana Designs' indie patterns. However, when a pattern includes numerous, large and/or complex charts, written instructions are not provided. When a pattern does not include written instructions the Ravelry pattern will note "charted only."


Self-published garment patterns include size designations (XS, S, M, etc. for adults, and 12m, 2y, 4y, etc. for children) as well as finished bust/chest measurements (34", 38", etc.). When possible, patterns also indicate the amount of ease shown on the model. 
Patterns published by a third party may designate sizing differently, and may or may not provide ease information. As I am not involved in styling and photography for 3rd party publications, I cannot provide information regarding ease shown on models.


If you're still having trouble with a pattern, email for pattern support. Please note that complimentary pattern support is offered to help customers work through and better understand pattern instructions; it does not include the provision of written instructions for charts, online knitting lessons, or assistance with modifications to a pattern. 

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