Why did you start knitting?

To make enough dishcloths to fill your kitchen drawers?
To give every person you’ve ever met a scarf?
Or was it to make fabulous and unique garments that fit YOU?

Hand knits are a labor of love—it takes hours upon hours of hard work.

So tell me—how do you feel when you’ve completed a sweater and it doesn’t fit?

It's THE WORST, right?

So . . .

did you swatch?

I know, I know. "Swatching. Ugh."
But let me deal you a hard truth--like it or not, swatching is essential for a great-fitting garment. A well-knit swatch is an essential part of any knitting project plan.

But maybe that’s where you’re hitting a snag—you’re fed up with lying liar swatches and you're not quite sure how to knit a swatch that will do what it’s supposed to do!

And you're not alone. Swatching is a mystery to many, both new and experienced knitters.
But that's no reason to let the dreaded "S" word stand between you and the hand knit of your dreams!

And as a notorious swatch-or-die hardliner, I want to help you!

swatch master graphic (1).png

With this brand new e-course, I'll take you from
Swatch Skeptic to Swatch Master!

Join me for Swatch Master—class is in session on November 6!

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Week 1, Swatch Fundamentals: what’s a swatch and why is it so important? We’ll learn how to swatch, both flat and in the round.


Week 2, Beyond the Basics: Washing, blocking, measuring, common mistakes, handy tools and other tips and tricks. Measuring in stitch patterns (cables, colorwork, lace), and how they affect your gauge.

Week 3, Swatch: Gauge issues, and how to adjust to get gauge on your next swatch. Plus, how to keep your swatches honest. Failing to get row gauge and what to watch for. 

Week 3, Swatching Snafus: Gauge issues, and how to adjust to get gauge on your next swatch. Plus, how to keep your swatches honest.


Week 4, Swatch Mastery: Creating a swatch library, alternate swatch projects, and further reading. Swatching beyond gauge and how to swatch for creating your own unique designs.


Let me guess: you're wondering, "Is this course for me?"

And the simple answer is, if you're a knitter, this course is for you!

This course is for you if:

  • You don't know the first thing about swatching.

  • You always swatch for your projects but have difficulty getting gauge.

  • You gave up on swatching because swatches are no-good liars. 

  • You want to try sweater knitting but are worried about fit.

  • You understand the basics of swatching but aren't sure about swatching for more advanced projects.

  • You're interested in designing your own hand knits and want to know how swatching can help you create your unique designs.

Whether you're a new knitter who's unsure about swatching or an experienced one who's always found it frustrating, this course will give you a better understanding of swatching and put you on the road to swatching success—and a beautiful finished project!


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Swatch Master kicks off on November 6. Each week of this 4-week e-course, you'll receive

  • Email lessons and "homework" assignments delivered straight to your inbox

  • 3 video modules for each lesson, to watch at your own pace

  • A swatching workbook, which we'll work through over the course of the program

  • A weekly live video chat and Q&A, where I can answer your questions in real time

  • Plus bonus resources and materials to help you take your swatching up a notch

Weekly lessons, 12 instructional videos, a workbook, weekly live instruction, and bonus materials--all of this for just $40!

Let me be honest with you—this e-course is new territory for me. You'll be my first e-students!  

And I know it takes a leap of faith to trust someone doing something brand new.
I'm confident that you'll find this course invaluable to your knitting. And just as I strive to offer you high quality, error-free knitting patterns, I am putting my best effort into creating a clear, problem-free e-course.
But as with any new endeavor, there are bound to be a few bumps and bruises along the way during this "beta run." And so . . .

For the inaugural run, you can enroll in Swatch Master
for just $25!


Don't miss out!
This special discount offer is only available for the very first Swatch Master course run!

Class starts November 6—enroll today and commit to making your knitting projects the best they can be!


Is this course self-paced?
Yes and no. You can watch the video lessons at any time after they are delivered each week, and will retain access to them after the course concludes. In addition, you can work through your swatching workbook at your own pace, if you prefer. However, lessons will be delivered once a week during the course's run, and live chats will only take place during the course timeframe (November 6 - December 1, 2017). In addition, the course will only be offered at specific times of the year.

When will the course be offered again?
Swatch Master will be offered twice each year; if you miss this run, you'll have to wait until Spring 2018!

What forms of payment are accepted?
Both credit card and PayPal.

Do you offer refunds?
Receive a full refund if you withdraw from class by November 12.