Test Knitting Information and Policies

Test knitting is a chance to gain early and free access to a MediaPeruana Designs pattern, and to help ensure that the final pattern is clear and accurate for future knitters. Tests are run through Slack, a collaborative online workspace, and anyone interested in participating in a test knit will need to have or create a Slack account. Test knitters must also be Ravelry members, in order to link project pages to MPD pattern pages.

The following policies apply to all test knits:

Each OPEN test knit post will specify the following:

  • Sizes available to be tested
  • Skills required for the pattern
  • Yarn weight and approximate yardage, needle size, and gauge
  • Deadline for completing the test

In volunteering for a test knit, knitters agree, to the best of their ability, to:

  • Follow the pattern as written (including working at gauge specified)
  • Notify me of any errors
  • Check in weekly
  • Finish the test knit and complete a post-test questionnaire by the established deadline
  • Create a Ravelry project page with a photo, linked to the pattern page, once the pattern has been published

Testers  who are active on Ravelry and/or other social media may be given preference. Failure to complete 2 tests as described will result in removal from the test knitting pool.

At this time, test knitters do not receive monetary compensation. However, following completion of the test, test knitters will receive a final, tech edited copy of the pattern being tested, and a free copy of any of the self-published patterns available in my Ravelry shop. 

Q: Why do I need to work at the same gauge? 
A: Working at the gauge specified in the pattern helps confirm that the sizing and measurements provided in the pattern are correct. If you work at a different gauge, your finished object will come out a different size.

Q: Why can’t I modify the pattern? 
A: The purpose of test knitting is to verify that the pattern, as written, produces a finished object of a specific size and shape that looks a certain way. If you make modifications, you are no longer testing the written pattern.

Q: What is the point of the post-test questionnaire? 
A: The post-test questionnaire ensures that I receive standardized feedback from all testers so I can, for example, confirm the yardage needed for the pattern, determine the average needle size used for gauge, and determine the difficulty rating of the pattern.

Q: Why do I need to create a project page and link it to the pattern? 
A: Creating a project page increases the visibility of the pattern and shows other knitters interested in purchasing the pattern that it has been successfully completed by someone other than me!