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Join the Swatch Scholar Challenge and kick your swatching skills into high gear.

Whether you're a new knitter who's unsure about swatching or an experienced one who's always found it frustrating, this challenge will give you a better understanding of swatching and put you on the road to swatching success--and a great fitting sweater!

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Why Swatch?

I know, I know. "Swatching. Ugh."

But let me deal you a hard truth--like it or not, swatching is essential for a great-fitting garment. 

Why is that? Because knitting patterns, at their heart, are a numbers game--from bust circumference to armhole depth to heel flap length, every part of a knitting pattern is based on numbers. Numbers don't lie. (Want concrete examples? Click here.)

So if you want your garment to fit like it's supposed to, your gauge needs to match the designer's. Swatching is the key that unlocks a great fitting sweater or pair of socks!

5 days, 5 lessons, FREE

When you join me for the Swatch Scholar Challenge, you'll receive a daily swatching lesson, as well as "homework."

We'll work through a basic swatch and address common swatching mishaps, and I'll share tips and tricks for swatching success. By the end of the challenge, you’ll have knit, washed, and blocked your swatch, checked your gauge, and be ready to start your new project!

Best of all, it's FREE

And, of course, there will be . . . 

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Yes, not only will you learn the ins-and-outs of a great swatch, you'll also have a chance to win PRIZES!

One Swatch Scholar participant will be randomly selected to win the grand prize, a bundle of goodies that will make your swatching easier and FUN.

In addition, 2 random Instagrammers who post photos from the challenge with the hashtag #MPDSwatchScholar will win a free pattern of their choice from MediaPeruana Designs!

The fun starts FEBRUARY 4! Are you ready? 

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