I am currently seeking to expand my pool of sample knitters, to create finished pieces for publication. My base pay rate for sample knitting is $0.15 per yard knit, with higher rates for more complex pieces or tight deadlines (sample knitters may also opt to be paid in yarn). Sample knitters must be experienced, skilled, detail-oriented, and able to work to strict deadlines. Sample knitters are paid upon receipt of the finished item, and final yardage is calculated based on the weight of the finished piece. (Given shipping costs and logistics, sample knitters must be based in the continental United States.)

If you are interested in sample knitting for MediaPeruana Designs, please fill out the form below; you can expect a response within 5 business days. 

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Please share any other relevant information: how long you have been knitting, whether you have experience test or sample knitting, your favorite projects to knit, etc.