I love working with independent dyers to create new patterns that showcase your yarns to their fullest. Traditionally I arrange these projects in one of two ways:


  • We work together create a design specifically for your company and your yarn.

  • Your company provides the yarn for the sample.

  • This design is exclusive to your retail shop/Ravelry shop/yarn club members for a specific period of time (usually 1 year), after which pattern rights and ownership of the sample revert to me. During this exclusivity period, you have the sole right to publish and sell/distribute the pattern, as well as exclusive use of the sample. You retain all proceeds from pattern sales during this period.

  • Following the exclusivity period, you may continue to sell the pattern in your retail shop, at festivals, or other venues by purchasing digital or print copies at wholesale.

  • Commissions require an upfront fee, which varies based on the size/complexity of the design, length of exclusivity period, and which party handles photography, tech editing, test knitting, and pattern layout.

  • If you wish to retain ownership of the sample, an additional fee applies; I will lend the sample out for display, under a separate agreement.

  • Both parties agree to promote the pattern on social media and through their newsletters.


  • We work together develop a design that utilizes your company’s yarn but which I publish independently and sell—no upfront fee is charged.

  • Your company provides yarn for the sample.

  • I produce the sample and handle tech editing, test knitting, photography, pattern layout and publication.

  • I retain all proceeds from pattern sales.

  • Both parties agree to promote the pattern on social media and through their newsletters.

  • I retain ownership of the sample but will lend it out for display as appropriate, under a separate agreement.

  • Your yarn company is listed as the sole recommended yarn in the pattern, on Ravelry, and anywhere else the design is promoted.

  • You will receive a digital copy of the pattern for personal use, 3 additional free digital copies to distribute as you like, and a discount code to offer customers interested in purchasing the pattern.

  • You can purchase additional digital copies of the pattern (for kits, festivals, etc.) at wholesale prices (50% retail), and/or purchase print copies at wholesale through Magcloud.

If you’re interested in working together on a design project, please use the form on this page to get in touch!