Rhinebeck 2016 Recap

Alas, another Rhinebeck has come and gone. It just doesn't seem possible! We had a great, but exhausting family weekend up in New York. I may have done a bit of shopping . . .

We arrived Friday afternoon and stayed in a cabin on a farm that we found through AirBnB. There were some animals on the grounds--including farm cats!

And goats!

Friday night I stopped by the Indie Untangled Trunk Show where I got to say hi to the lovely ladies from Magpie Fibers, YOTH Yarns and Duck Duck Wool, and then we spent most of the day Saturday at the festival--in our matching sweaters!

Most of our time was spent petting sheep, but I did get to say hi to some HPKCHC folks and my Ravelry friend Natalie at the Ravelry meetup.

I made a quick stop at the fairgrounds Sunday morning for a cider donut and a bit of child-free shopping--and got to say hi to Simone from Owl Cat Designs, Michelle from the Actually Knitting podcast, and Mary from the Kino Knits podcast! Then we had some delicious Mexican food and spent the afternoon at the Mid-Hudson Children's Museum.

The kids loved it, and if you bring young kids with you to Rhinebeck, you should definitely check it out! It's in a great location for photos too (and maybe your kids actually look at the camera. Also, maybe you won't forget part of your tripod, and be unable to take a family photo.)!

On the downside, the kids, especially Ollie, slept very poorly the whole weekend, and we had to be on constant watch because the cabin had a lot of stuff the kids could get into or fall off of--it was pretty exhausting. JJ also got carsick 2 hours into our 6 hour journey home. Still, I'm glad we made the trip!

Until next year, New York (when maybe we'll have a romantic getaway sans kids)!