Styling: Lewisburg Pullover (and giveaway winner!)

Need some ideas for taking your Lewisburg pullover out of the house and out on the town? I've put together a few styling ideas, so you'll be ready to wear your new sweater just about anywhere!

brunch style.jpg

Brunch with the girls calls for making your sweater a little more glam with some shiny earrings and cute lace-up booties! Plus distressed jeans because I don't think they sell them any other way anymore . . . 

Pumpkin picking style.jpg

It's that time of year! Pick some pumpkins in sturdy boots and an extra layer for warmth--plus a tote for all those farm-fresh goodies you'll have to bring home too. 

Work style.jpg

Yes, you CAN wear a sweater to the office--with smart flats and your laptop at hand, you're ready to conquer the day. Just don't forget the coffee!

Rhinebeck style.jpg

RHINEBECK SWEATER! With cozy boots, a jacket in case of rain, and a must-have project bag and pair of needles, you're ready to cruise, shop, and knit!

So, there you have just a few ideas for styling your sweater--dress it up or down, Lewisburg will carry you through fall and well into winter!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for . . . .

The winner of the Encircled giveaway is . . . Tracy! Tracy, please get in touch (mediaperuana at gmail dot com) and I'll get your prize out to you.

Thanks to everyone who entered,  this is a beautiful collection of sweaters and I hope even if you didn't win, it finds its way into your library!


DIY: Speckle Dyeing with Kool-Aid, Take 2

Remember when I tried speckle dyeing with Kool-Aid last month and it was, well, not exactly a success? In fact, when I eventually tried to wind the yarn, it basically fell apart--not exactly what I was going for.

Well, I decided to try again--with a new technique

My first step was to over-dye a skein of Knit Picks Hawthorne kettle dye in Compass, a bright yellow. I dyed it in fruit punch Kool-Aid, hoping for orange, but it really came out a bright, slightly orange red. 

Then, with the yarn still wet, I used a fork dipped in water and dry Kool-Aid powder (Black Cherry and Blue Raspberry) to speckle it. Then I steamed it in the microwave to set it. 

Here's the result:

The speckles are very subtle blips of purple and dark red--that's to be expected on a dark-colored yarn. Had the yarn turned out more orange than red (or had I had different shades of Kool-Aid on hand!), I think they would've been more visible. 

This is a technique I would try again, much more successful (and less burnt!) than my previous attempt--definitely bookmarking this one!

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