Blogging Update

You may have noticed--if you're still around--that this blog has been rather quiet lately. This is for 2 primary reasons.

1. In taking stock of all the responsibilities tied up in my business, I realized that writing blog posts took up a lot of time, with little return on my investment--since the demise of Blogger, I've felt that blogs are far less popular than they once were, and I had no idea if people were even reading my blog.

2. My blog started to feel like just another advertisement for my patterns--and of course, I want people to buy my patterns, but rehashing the same basic content in my newsletter, Facebook, Instagram, Ravelry AND my blog was getting old. 

So I decided to take a step back and reevaluate things. Did I really need a blog? And if so, what did I want my blog to be about?

And here's where I landed:

  1. I've always enjoyed writing--actual writing, not just "hey, here's my patterns and here's a bunch of stuff about it you might like!"--and I do want to maintain a space where I can write. So, yes, I think I need a blog. 
  2. I do not want to keep using the blog to rehash my other content. I want to write substantive stuff.

So moving forward, I will post once a month to summarize what's been going on business-wise: new patterns, knit-a-longs, events, classes, etc. 

Otherwise, I will be posting other stuff. Better stuff. Meaningful stuff. 

Well, ok, maybe not super meaningful, but not just a sales pitch. 

I hope to do more writing from behind-the-scenes--what it's like to run a pattern design business, the work that goes into it and the ups and downs of trying to do it while being a full time mom.

I also hope to write more . . . think pieces? For lack of a better term--more thoughtful posts about living and working inside the knitting and broader creative communities, and about life and my life experiences. 


All of that if--IF--people actually want to read about it. Otherwise I can just buy a journal (which is probably something I should do anyway).
So please do me a quick favor--if you're actually reading this, leave me a comment. It doesn't have to be deep and meaningful, just a simple "I'm here" will do! 

Thanks--I hope I hear from you!