2017: Year in Review

While 2017 ended with some disappointments, overall, the year for MediaPeruana Designs was pretty successful. Here's a quick look:

2017 infographic (1).png

Overall, I increased my income by 48% over 2016, which is pretty amazing! It's still not where I want it, but the business is growing. I guess I did a pretty good job with last year's watchword, Nourish--at least, business-wise.

What about the goals I set for the year?

  • Knit 4 sweaters for myself. Nope. Not even one finished. :(
  • Start teaching. I had to cancel Swatch Master, but hopefully I can try again this year!
  • Take at least 3 classes/workshops. CHECK! I took 2 in-person workshops at TNNA, as well as an online marketing class--not too bad.
  • Collaborate. CHECK! I worked with Sarah of Imagined Landscapes and Kim from IndigoDragonfly on the Urban Creative Exploration, as well as with Neighborhood Fiber Co. on their Outerloop Sweater Club, and designed 2 sweaters for Shalimar Yarns, 1 for Knittin' Little and 1 for Knit Picks. 

I'm a little behind but next week I'll share my watchword and goals for 2018!


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