Update: MediaPeruana Designs and what's in store for 2018

Well, since I haven't published a blog post since October, you may be wondering if I've fallen off the face of the earth.


My last real project for 2017 was the Foxkit KAL, after which I disappeared almost entirely. Newsletter subscribers will know that I needed to take some time off to deal with a health issue. 

I realized in early November that I wouldn't be publishing new patterns, making tutorials or doing any other significant work for the remainder of the year--I even had to back out of a spring 2018 publication and cancel the Swatch Master E-course.

My anxiety had become so overwhelming that I wasn't doing much of anything beyond watching TV and feeling scared about . . . absolutely everything. After working so hard all year to grow MediaPeruana Designs, this was obviously very frustrating for me--this anxiety and panic seemed to have come out of nowhere and I just desperately wanted everything to go back to normal. 

Since being diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, I've been working with mental health professionals to find the right combination of medication, therapy, and coping mechanisms to help me get back to my old self. I'm not there yet, but I think (hope, pray) things are turning a corner. 

I still have big plans for 2018, and am crossing every appendage that I will be able to get back to work and meet my goals.

I still hope to launch Swatch Master in the first half of 2018, but don't have a date set yet (and won't set one until I'm confident I can commit to it). 

I had also planned a new pattern collection for 2018, which would feature adult/child versions of 6 seasonal patterns, to be published throughout the year. I still hope to launch this project--if my health continues to improve over the next few weeks, I will share more information.

I also have several other indie patterns that were put on hold in late 2017 that I hope will see the light of day in 2018--first, a 2-color shawl that I hope will brighten the new year!

Thank you again for your support--I hope you'll join me in crossing our collective fingers for a fabulous and productive 2018!

(In the meantime, I hope you'll join me for the Selfish KAL, which kicks off January 1--find all the details in the MPD Ravelry group!)