Madrugada: Styling

I love putting outfit ideas together for my finished designs, though I sometimes wonder how much they date me. I find myself drawn to things I would've worn in my late teens and early 20s, which are most certainly not considered fashionable any longer. Apparently it's no longer 2002. Who knew?

But I've done my best to put together a mix of modern pieces and timeless classics to showcase various ways you can wear my newest pattern, Madrugada. A light pullover with a bit of lace, it's a very wearable sweater for a variety of seasons and occasions. Starting with . . . 

Madrugada Early Spring

Early Spring weather can be just about anything around here--45 degrees and windy, sunny and 70, sometimes it even snows. Layers are always a good idea. Pair with your favorite jeans, a light jacket and the shoes that are always in fashion (right??), Chuck Taylors.

Late Spring--Madrugada

By late spring, we're well entrenched in the "warm days, cool nights" that precede summer's "too hot to function for the next 4 months" misery. Paired with shorts, the cutest peep toe flats and a little chunky jewelry, you're ready to pack in as many outdoor events as you can before it's time to hide in the air conditioning until October.

Madrugada Fall

Fall is every knitter's favorite season, and Madrugada transitions nicely with a few extra layers--puffy vest, jeans, boots, slouchy hat. Add a pumpkin spice latte and you're ready for autumn fun.

Madrugada Office

It's not hard to dress Madrugada up a bit--it works for the office too! Just add some work place staples, heels and a structured bag.

Madrugada Date Night

Yes, get out of the house, away from the kids and rediscover what it's like to eat dinner without anyone throwing food or reenacting scenes from Cars with their utensils (hopefully). Slim pants, cute clutch, a little sparkle--find a babysitter and you're good to go!

So there you have it--just a few ideas for styling this versatile sweater. Ready to knit yours? Grab it here!

And you can find all of my styling collections over on Polyvore.

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