Year in Review: Knitting

2016 is winding down (good riddance!), so it's time to take a look at what I have--or more likely have not--accomplished this year. (This post will focus on personal knitting; I'll do a design wrap up after Christmas!)

First, what were my goals? Well, I declared 2016 the year of the sock. So, how many socks did I knit? I finished a respectable 12 socks, with a few more half-finished socks on the needles. I might squeak out another before the year draws to a close. Not too shabby.

I was also hoping to knit a Mesmeric Cardigan, and while I did start it, it's nowhere near finished. I never would've believed how tedious and infuriating it is to knit fair isle flat--and worse, to work short rows! This project is in time out. 

I've also completed (almost) 2 sweaters for the boys, a pair of fingerless mitts for myself, a new Nevado hat for Ollie, a second Charm City Shawlette, the adorable Perfect Crop Top and 1 Christmas gift, the Beeswax hat. In total I finished 14 personal knitting projects in 2016.

Unfortunately, I didn't knit a single sweater for myself, and that's a problem--a problem I hope to resolve in 2017! 

As you might imagine, most of my knitting time has gone into designing--though I've been using more sample knitters, I still knit 80% of my designs myself. We'll take a look at all of my 2016 designs, and I'll give you a little behind-the-scenes look at which patterns were most successful and how MPD fared as a business this year, next week!

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