Las Knitting Amigas--a New Podcast

My blog has been cruelly ignored lately as I worked through a crazy translation contract (16,000 words in a week--which is normal if you do it full time, and beyond challenging if your full time occupation is actually keeping 2 small people alive) and 3 rapidly approaching design deadlines, but I'm popping in to quickly tell you guys about something A.MAZ.ING.

It is a new podcast.


With Joji Locatelli. 

Now, you know Joji. She designed this:

Grandpa Cardigan ; photo courtesy of Joji Locatelli

Grandpa Cardigan; photo courtesy of Joji Locatelli

And this:

Looking Back ; photo courtesy of Joji Locatelli

Looking Back; photo courtesy of Joji Locatelli

And this gorgeousness:

Fading Lines ; photo courtesy of Joji Locatelli

Fading Lines; photo courtesy of Joji Locatelli

And basically every sweater you've wanted to knit for the last 2 years.

Joji is from Buenos Aires, which means, despite the fact that her patterns are written in flawless English, she's actually a Spanish-speaker.

Castellano, if you will. 

So she and her adorable friend Veronica just started a new Podcastellano.

Hah! I love word play. 

It is called Las Knitting Amigas and you can watch the first episode on YouTube right over here

I have been looking for Spanish-language podcasts recently because I'm really falling out of practice. Since I quit my full-time job, I am no longer surrounded by Spanish-speakers 40+ hours a week, and, in part because of JJ's speech delay, we speak mostly English at home. I do have translation work fairly regularly, but reading isn't the same as listening. And CP's family is usually only able to visit once a year (and you know I'm not flying to South America with a 1-year-old and a 2-year old), so I get one intense week of Spanish-all-the-time and then, nothing. 

So I was really excited when Joji posted on Instagram that this podcast was in the works. Not only do I get Spanish listening practice (with the Argentine accent--the one I find hardest to understand!), I also get to pick up the knitting terminology which, oddly enough, never came up in my every day Spanish.

For example, a KAL is a "tejijunta," and I'm never going to call it anything else because that's WAY more fun to say. 

So, if you speak Spanish, go check it out. Their first episode is just darling, and features a guest appearance by Joji's mom, who apparently knits her sleeves for her (lucky duck)!!

And be sure to tell them you loved it, so they'll keep podcasting!