It's Sock Week!

I'm back from vacation--boo!--and excited to share that this week will be Sock Week on the blog--YAY!

That's right, August 16-22, it's alllll about socks.

I'll be reviewing Kate Atherley's new book Custom Socks, as well as the Fall issue of Sockupied

I'll be talking about some beautiful new sock yarns that have come into my life (preview photo above!).

I'll dedicate a post to some non-sock projects that use sock yarn or sock yarn leftovers. 

And at the end of the week, I'll be debuting a brand new sock pattern!

Sneak peek!

Sneak peek!

And maaaaaaaaybe I'll throw in a giveaway too.

So if you love socks (or sock yarn), stay tuned!