Love Your Blog Challenge: Beginnings

A Playful Day

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

It's Week 2 of A Playful Day's Love Your Blog Challenge, and this week we're talking about Beginnings.

This prompt inspired me to go back and look at some of my earliest blog posts. I started this blog as Learner's Per-knit in 2007, the same year I learned to knit, and moved it over to my new website earlier this year. I began the blog as a chronicle of my learn-to-knit process, and as my knitting horizons expanded, so did those of my blog. In the early days, it was mostly poor, over-exposed photos of simple scarves and lumpy socks. Observe.

I pondered the mysteries of blocking, the useful- or uselessness of acrylic, and the panic of running out of yarn. I was sure I would never, EVER read a chart, and had no intention of learning how. Hah!

Today, my blog is a mix of finished objects of varying complexity, my designs, and (helpful?) guides and instructional posts, because somewhere along the way I decided I actually, more-or-less, knew how to knit. Oh, and babies. Because . . . babies.

The tone is less sarcastic (unless I'm in a mood) and the posts are less frequent because BABIES, but I'm happy with how far my blog has come. I don't have as many readers as Yarn Harlot or the kind of tight knit (see what I did there?) community that other popular knit bloggers have, but I know I have some readers who have been here since the beginning, and for them, and for every new reader who finds his/her way here, I am eternally grateful.