Yarn Diet Update and Homespun Yarn Party Recap

It's the end of the 1st quarter of the year and I'm happy to report that I've kept up with my yarn diet. Until last week, I hadn't bought any yarn, I've used up a number of skeins from my collection, and I've passed a fair few unloved yarns in my stash on to other crafters--I've vanished over 2,500 yards from the stash!

Last Sunday, though, was the Homespun Yarn Party, one of the events I gave myself a pass for.  This is a relatively small event brimming with gorgeous offerings from local(ish) indie dyers. I took advantage and stocked up on some real beauties:


They barely fit in the frame! From left to right: Duck Duck Wool 80/20 sock in Leaf Pile, Yarn Rescue Falkland Fingering Multi in Spice Rack, Space Cadet Creations Lyra in Dept of Rock Science (OOAK), another Falkland Fingering Multi in Gardener, Space Cadet Lucina in the (spoiler alert!) show exclusive colorway Andromeda, and last but not least Backyard Fiberworks Meadow in Alpine.

I had a great time at HYP this year--I only had to drive around for 5 minutes to get a parking spot, only had to stand in line for 10 minutes to get in, and though it was a bit squishy, I was able to get into all the booths I wanted to see. The only  thing I really wanted to grab and missed out on was a good gradient yarn.

I also wore my new design, Miraflores, to the show, and it got rave reviews. Lots of knitters asked about the pattern, and I was excited to be able to say it was my own and would be published later in the week.

My next yarn-related event will be Maryland Sheep and Wool--just 1 month away! I'm not sure yet whether I'll be attending Saturday or Sunday, but either way, I hope to see you there!