2016: Sock Spectacular

As we get closer and closer to the end of 2015: Cardigan Comeback--which was, at best, a disappointment, since I've still only finished ONE lousy cardigan for myself--I've been pondering what 2016 will bring. As it becomes ever more necessary to devote my knitting time to designing, it seems that I should lower my expectations regarding my ability to knit sweaters for myself (I do get to wear my samples, which is maybe not my best idea, but, well, oh well). 

So I've decided to make 2016 a little less challenging. My goal will be to knit 16 socks. Not 16 PAIR of socks--that would be crazy pants. But 16 total socks. I have so many unfinished pairs, this will be a great opportunity to finally finish them, bulk up my sock drawer, and use some of the delicious sock yarns in my stash. 

Which brings me to 2016 Challenge #2: NO sock yarn! According to my Ravelry stash info, I have at least 24 brand new skeins of sock yarn ready and waiting to be knit into cozy socks. And that doesn't include yarns that are already in use for languishing pairs of socks buried in my WIP basket, or sock yarns I've put up for trade/sale. This is absurd.

So. No sock yarn purchases in 2016. Zip, zero, zilch. The only new sock yarn entering my stash should be gifts. (Hint hint.) This should also help me with my goal to be more mindful of yarn purchases, and to buy yarn in specific quantities (sweaters, kids' clothes, hats, etc.) instead of just buying random skeins willy nilly.

Would anyone like to join me on the 2016: Sock Spectacular challenge?