Spinning: First Yarn


You might remember that about a million years ago, or roughly October 15, 2012, I got a spinning wheel. A lovely Schacht Ladybug that CP picked out for me after doing some stealthy research on Ravelry.

Of course, I had no clue how to use it, so it basically just took up space in my studio. Occasionally I would wander by and pat it lovingly: "Someday. Someday I'll have time to learn to use you."

Then I had a baby. Which meant I didn't even have time to pat the wheel lovingly.

When I found out we were having another baby, though, I decided it was now or never. With two little ones running around, I'd never make time--or have the energy--to learn.

So I bought a book and got started.

Slowly slowly slowly I spun up some singles from a braid of merino wool I bought from Forbidden Woolery probably around the time I got the wheel.

When I wanted more advice and guidance than the book could provide, I took a class, and watched some YouTube videos.

And finally, I had 2 bobbins with singles.

(Guess which one was my first bobbin??)

I left the bobbins sitting for a few weeks (months?) while I got ready for a second baby. 

Then, I decided it was time to take the plunge and ply. 

I checked the book, I watched more videos, I learned how to put my lazy kate together, and I got started.

A 2-ply seemed the easiest way to start (not to mention I only have 3 bobbins). And it didn't look too shabby.

Then one of the bobbins ran out while the other still had plenty of singles left (because, while it's not a guarantee, weighing your fiber first and dividing it into equal portions is a good idea), so I willy nily wound some of the singles from one bobbin to the other to finish up. 

The part where I joined the singles is probably not very pretty.

But then it was done!

I determinedly wrapped it around the niddy noddy, tied it off, washed it and hung it to dry.

And here it is.

Some spots are clearly more even than others. If it were a commercial yarn, the weight would vary between sport and worsted.

I'm told consistency will come with time.

But I think it's pretty.

It's about 150 yards, give or take, and needs a really great project.

And while I look for ideas, I've already started spinning more singles, this time from a lovely braid of blue-faced leicester--that I weighed and divided first.