Pattern Preview: Pumpkin Butter

I have to tell you all, July is not going well for me.

It has just been one thing after another: first CP got sick. Then he gave his cold to JJ. Then my dad was in the hospital. And JJ's cold got worse and worse and he slept less and less, and I got more and more exhausted. I had a big translation contract that I almost didn't meet the deadline for, and everything else got pushed aside. I'm also still growing that baby, who is now due in less than 4 weeks, and I've fallen way, way behind on the pre-baby to do list. As well as every other to do list.

And now I'm writing this blog post instead of making dinner because the pasta pot is dirty and I don't feel like washing it, and why isn't cereal an acceptable dinner?

(Just kidding. We're out of cereal.)

One thing I did manage to finish--only 10 days late--was the exclusive pattern for crafters who donated to my CCFA Fundraiser!

These stranded socks--which I've dubbed Pumpkin Butter--are just perfect for fall. When the weather starts to get chilly, the extra warmth created by the floats is a wonderful addition.

The pattern calls for two skeins of Cascade Heritage, a sturdy fingering weight yarn that's reasonably priced and comes in a squillion colors. (With many thanks to Cascade Yarns for supporting this design!)

I bet you'd just never guess the two shades I used--Pumpkin and Butter.

The pattern is written for knitting the socks toe-up on 2 circular needles, and includes just one size--women's medium / 8" foot circumference--due to the large pattern repeat. However, as suggested in the pattern, you can fairly easily produce a larger size by working at a different gauge.

This pattern is currently exclusive to CCFA donors, in recognition of their generous contributions. But you can queue it up on Ravelry here, and it will be available for purchase starting September 15.

In the meantime, throughout the month of July, I'll be offering a special discount on all of my other self-published patterns in honor of the U.S. and Peruvian Independence Days. Use the code JULY14 in my Ravelry shop to get a FREE pattern of your choice when you purchase any pattern. BOGO ends July 31.