CCFA Fundraiser: Important Update

It has come to my attention that sometime between the start of the fundraiser and yesterday, the CCFA website imposed a $15 minimum on donations, which is completely lame, and obviously not in keeping with my "$5 to enter" fundraiser.

If you wanted to participate in this fundraiser, but wanted to donate an amount lower than $15, you weren't able to, and that's no good. So I'll be extending the fundraiser by 1 day, until midnight, tonight, June 1, to accommodate any generous donors who would like to send in a donation via some other method:
  • PayPal (to mediaperuana at - please add a note telling me you're donating to the fundraiser
  • Snail mail for cash or checks. Send me an email and I'll send you my address.
Either way, I promise not to steal your money and spend it on yarn, it will go directly to the CCFA.

And no matter how you donate, you'll be entered to win one of the great prizes up for grabs!

Thanks for your generosity and understanding!