Pattern Debut: Lady Lindy

The interwebs--or maybe just my Twitter feed--are abuzz with news of the latest issue of Knitscene Accessories. And I'm excited to announce that if you purchase this issue, you'll see a familiar name among the designers!

 Photo courtesy of Knitscene

 Introducing the Lady Lindy Headband!

This is a great project for leftover sock yarn, and makes a perfect, portable project for warm weather.

The major problem I've found with knit headbands / earwarmers is that they stretch out and don't stay snug. This one features a small band of ribbing in the back (easily hidden under your hair) to keep it tight.
  Photo courtesy of Knitscene

I was actually working on another design featuring this same cable (that one will make its debut in July, I think), when this idea occurred to me. What if I reversed the cable to make a little "frame"? I spent a while trying to decide what would look best inside the "frame," before ultimately deciding to leave it empty for a more dramatic effect.

 Photo courtesy of Knitscene

Lady Lindy is beautifully styled in these photos, with flapper-era flair, but can also be worn further back on the head like a traditional headband.

Knitscene Accessories will be available in print next month--you can pre-order now, or buy the digital download for instant access! It's $14.99, and includes 32 designs--so you're paying less than $2 per pattern! The collection features some gorgeous hats, mitts, cowls, shawls, etc., so be sure to check out the whole preview.
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