Halloween Sock Scramble

You guys know how I get these ideas.

Like, "Oh, why don't I design and knit a sweater in a month?"

Or "Why don't I knit a shawl in a week?"

I keep thinking I'm going to STOP getting these ideas, and it keeps not happening.

A few weeks ago, as I was marveling at how utterly stupid baby clothing manufacturers must be, to think that the same pair of socks could fit a 3-month old and a 12-month old, I decided JJ needed some special socks to wear to the pumpkin patch. (And also for fitting his feet correctly.) I picked up a ball of Knit Picks Felici in Spooky, and since it's self-striping, I didn't need a particularly busy sock pattern to go with it, just something slightly more involved than plain stockinette so I wouldn't go crazy.

I ran into some trouble.

I found a lot of fun patterns for self-striping yarn, but they were all for adults, and would require advanced calculus to resize for JJ.

No thanks.

And I found almost no sock patterns for older babies--apparently it's fun to knit socks and booties for little bitty guys, but once they pass 6 months of age, baby sock knitting just loses its appeal.

(I suspect this has something to do with babies and toddlers constantly kicking off their socks, but--knock on wood--JJ doesn't do that. Yet.)

I hemmed and hawed so long on the pattern that once I finally decided to just come up with something myself, I had less than a week left to get them done.


What I've got right now is a half-finished pair of simple baby socks, with a few columns of slipped-stitches to add some knitting interest and to cause little jogs at the color changes, for visual interest.

Will I finish sock #2 in time for the pumpkin patch TOMORROW?!?