Seasonally-induced Startitis and other Ramblings

I'm currently going through a very difficult blogging phase, in that I can't share a lot of what I'm working on/finishing, for 3 reasons:

1) Many are designs, which can't be shared until they're published.

2) I'm knitting for JJ, but things for him to wear over the fall/winter, so they don't currently fit him, and can't really be modeled appropriately.

3) I'm knitting things for me, but by "me," I mean the "me" I was before I had JJ. The current "me" still has 10-15 pounds to lose. So again, unflattering photos of ill-fitting knitwear.

I do have a few vague WIP photos to share:

Beatrix baby cardigan

June's Favorite Cardigan

This is just a sample of the 5 WIPs I'm currently working on--that is, active WIPs. That doesn't even include WIPs I'm ignoring. Fall has given me a serious case of startitis.

JJ and I are going through a transition this week that has both positives and negatives. (If you don't want to hear about boobs, stop reading).
My milk supply has always been sufficient at best, and a few weeks ago, it just tanked. After exhausting all the tips and tricks for boosting supply I could find--including taking a supplement that makes you smell like maple syrup--and confirming with the pediatrician that JJ's weight gain had indeed dropped off, we decided to make the switch to formula. I had quite a number of difficulties with breastfeeding at the start, so my goal was always 6 months--I met and surpassed that, so I should be happy, but I'm still feeling a little blue about not making it a whole year.
On the up side, I can now start on the kind of diet (and exercise? maybe?) regime that would've negatively impacted my supply had I continued to breastfeed, so maybe I can finally bid farewell to those 10-15 pounds.
I can also wear real bras again.