Saturday Sampler: Bye Bye Summer!

Yep, somehow, it's the last day of August. Which means the very bestest time of year is almost HERE!

I really, really want to like summer. I do. I loved it as a kid, as a teenager, as a college student. But then--adulthood. As an adult, you most likely spend summer locked up in an office, or at home shuttling your kids to activities and trying to make sure they don't drown. Either way, you're not relaxing at the pool with a good book.

Also, bugs.

I swear, summers are a lot buggier than they were back in my day.

There are some lovely things about summer--fresh herbs and veggies from your garden, grilling, beach trips, picnics--but I'm always glad to say goodbye when summer's at an end.

Here are a few ideas for celebrating these last days of summer:

Give your self a fun, summery pedicure, to see you through the end of sandal season.

Make some popsicles to enjoy while the heats hangs around for a few more days (weeks . . . months?).

Use up those garden tomatoes--gazpacho!

Or, as I plan to do, tomato jam!

And you can't let the mint go to waste--mojitos!

Freeze those herbs and veggies, so you can enjoy summer year round.

Start learning to crochet, so you can make this fun top for NEXT summer!

And remember. . .