Tuesdays with Dory: Beat the Heat Edition


Moooooom. She's looking at me!

Dear Dory,

It's hot. So so so hot. Any tips for staying cool?

Sweltering in Sweetwater

Dear Sweltering,

It doesn't seem so hot here, but maybe that's because these openings in the floor blow out cool air. I like to make it a point to sit near them, or sometimes on them, which Kristen doesn't find amusing.

If you don't have any floor openings, you should get some. But in case that's not an option, here are some other ideas:

Stick your head in that cold box that holds all the food.

Chew on those cube-y things that turn into water.

Turn that spin-y ceiling thing on.

Be naked. 

You might think your kittehs are hot too, but whatever you do, don't embarrass them like this:

Hope that helped. Have a purrrrrfect day.