Saturday Sampler: Spinning

In honor of the Tour de Fleece, which I am not participating in because I did not learn to use my wheel before JJ was born, and now probably won't until he starts kindergarten, some spinning goodies this week:

Need to learn? Try Abby Franquemont's Respect the Spindle, and watch videos on her YouTube channel!

Or maybe you're like me, and want to learn to use your wheel. Whenever I find time, I plan to try these free videos over at KnitPicks.

SillySalmonDesigns has lots of gorgeous, handcrafted spindles, like this one.

You'll need some fiber. This combed top from Into the Whirled--Sedona Sunset--is gorgeous.

Or try these new punis.

But save some cash by making your own niddy noddy for $5!

What spinning goodies do you love?