Wittle Wednesdays

I've decided to (try to) condense all baby-related content in one weekly post, so those less interested in babies can just skip it. So, ta da! Wittle Wednesdays!

Unbelievably, my sweet little chanchito turned 2 months old yesterday!


It just doesn't seem possible.

This morning we went to the doctor for his first round of shots, which I think may have been worse for me than for him. He got Tylenol, at least. No one offered me any booze to calm my nerves, which I think should be standard practice.

He also tried to embarrass me by peeing on the weigh station AND the exam table in the office.


At two months, JJ is now smiling, napping less, sleeping (slightly) longer at night, and starting to show some interest in his toys.  He can hold his head up for short periods--and when it starts to wobble, he raises his eyebrows, thinking this will help keep it up. Super adorable.

And look, those socks I knit him months ago actually fit now!

Two months also means my maternity leave is almost at an end--of course, I'm not going back to the office (hurrah!), but I have been taking it easier with blogging and designs for the last couple of months, ultimately planning to pick things back up when my maternity leave ends.

We'll see how that pans out!