Tuesdays with Dory: Building your Reference Library

Can I go outside, where there's no baby?

Dear Dory,

I use the Internet a lot to look up knitting stuff, but what if the zombie apocalypse comes and I lose Internet access?!? What knitting reference books should I have on hand to see me through those dark times?

Offline in Omaha

Dear Offline,

I'm not sure what a zombie apocalypse is, but you never know when the Internet will crap out on you, so building a reference library is a good idea. Here are some books I found on Kristen's bookshelf:

Everything you ever wanted to know about knitting. Everything.

Harmony Guides, like this one, are great for finding new stitch patterns.

An in depth look at finishing techniques and tricks.

A book solely dedicated to cast on and bind off techniques (who knew there were so many?)

A must-have for colorwork.

And a sock knitting bible.

Have fun stocking your library!