Saturday Sampler: Warm Weather Yarn

If you're like me, your knitting takes a nosedive as the weather warms up. Lap full of wool and all that. The answer to this problem is probably to knit with non-wool yarns.

Unfortunately, I don't like most of them.

Wool yarns are so cozy and inviting; warm weather yarns just seem so . . . cold. 



Which is probably why my most recent warm-weather knit still looks like this, 9 months later:


And that's yarn I like!

(Full disclosure: I started that project in my 1st trimester, which I basically slept through. I had no knitting mojo to speak of.)

So, I'm on a quest.

A quest for non-yucky warm weather yarns.

Apparently they won't necessarily lead me to knit more, but there's always hope.

Let's see what we find.

Knit Picks recently released Billow, a 100% pima cotton yarn that looks pretty snuggly for cotton.

I've heard good things about Be Sweet Bamboo, though it seems a little pricey at $12/110 yards.

Valley Yarns Goshen is a blend of cotton, modal and silk that I've actually used and enjoyed.

That unfinished blob at the top of the page is being knit in Comfy Sport, also from Knit Picks.

This Ultra Pima from Cascade comes in fun handpainted colors.

And this Panda Silk might be nice for lighter weight socks.

What non-wool yarns do you love?