Saturday Sampler: Online Classes

I always loved school--so much that I have a marginally useless Masters Degree in Latin American and Hemispheric Studies. That's how long I stayed in school. I love the whole environment (I even spent 6 weeks as a substitute Spanish teacher--I'd probably stay a teacher if it paid more than peanuts), and learning new things. Also, school supplies.

Unfortunately, I don't have much time for classes and learning right now, and I'm sure many of you are in the same boat. Busy busy busy.

I've recently discovered the world of online classes. Of course, there are some classroom elements that just can't be replicated online, but these classes are a cheaper and more flexible substitute when you can't make it out of the house regularly or commit to a set schedule.

Photography workshop

Tune up your blog!

Learn just about anything--free!

Colorwork and--eep!--steeking.
(Craftsy is having a spring sale right now!)

With Livemocha, you can brush up on that language you studied in high school, or learn a new one!

Get in shape!

Learn something artsy, like watercolors.

Found any interesting online classes recently?