Follow up: Online Classes

Speaking of online classes, it has come to my attention that I am currently enrolled in an absurd number of Craftsy classes.

I'm not sure how this happened.

It's just that there are so many good ones, and lots of coupons/sales to take advantage of (I don't think I've ever paid full price for a class). There are even some free courses!

The result being that I am currently enrolled in:

Online Knitting Class
It would've been really helpful to finish this one before I tackled my most recent design; I kinda winged it on the grading.

Online Knitting Class
Shawl construction remains a mystery to me.

free short rows knitting class at
Mine never look good, I'm sure this will help.

PLUS, Shoot It!, an Online Product Photography Class, and a class on teaching others how to knit.

Clearly, I'm insane.

And worse, I'm tempted to also enroll in Anne Hanson's Button Bands and Buttonholes Class, which looks great--I'm always lazy about button bands, but done well, they really add a professional look to a sweater.

The really sad part is, I'm mostly ignoring all of these classes at the moment, because they're very hands-on (a good thing!), and my hands are full of a baby. Fortunately, the classes never "expire," and you can learn on your own schedule.

So when I finish all these classes in . . . 2015? . . . I'm going to be a knitting genius.

 If your hands are baby-free, you should definitely check out some of the courses being offered--especially since every single class is on sale TODAY.


(Fair warning--they have classes about things OTHER than knitting too--quilting, sewing, spinning! And, oh, FOOD CRAFT! I try not to look.