Bound Off: Wee Austin Hoodie

Wee Austin Hoodie
Why are you always sticking that thing in my face?

It's true, I finally finished knitting something! It only took me 3 months for this little bitty sweater. At this rate,  I should finish an adult cardigan sometime next century.

Wee Austin Hoodie
Hold my head up like this? Are you sure?

Pattern: Wee Austin Hoodie, by Connie Chang Chinchio
Size: 6 months
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll in Rainforest Heather, 2 skeins, ~450 yards
Needles: sizes 4 and 5
Mods: none

I started this in January, back when I was still expecting a 9 pound baby, thinking I would finish it in February (ha!) and it would fit him more or less right away--I didn't bother with a gauge swatch, I know I'm a tight knitter, and figured it would come out a bit smaller than 6 months.

Of course, I instead had a 6 pound baby, who is now nearing 13 pounds, and while fortunately the sweater does more or less fit him, it's nearly May, and summer is right around the corner.

At least I got some cute photos.

Wee Austin Hoodie
OK, got it!

The sweater is knit in one piece until you divide for left front, right front and back, as well as the hood. It's fairly simple, mostly stockinette with a band of woven-look stitches across the chest.

I've never done a hooded sweater before, so I was intrigued by the construction. The hood is knit up from held stitches from the front, then a central stitch is bound off to create 2 sides, which are grafted together.

I found the buttons in my stash, an old Etsy purchase. I think they were the only 6 matching buttons I had, and fortunately they work perfectly.

Wee Austin Hoodie
I love my sweater!