Tuesdays with Dory: Mess Edition

What is that thing?!?

Kristen thinks it's important to give you guys visual proof of my recent bad behavior:


That's 3 different balls of yarn I dragged across her studio. I just thought the rug was too plain.

As punishment, I have to use my space this week to ask you guys a question about Kristen's latest design.

She's working on a V-neck vest. The plan was to knit it from the bottom up in the round, switching to flat knitting at the base of the v-neck, and then into 3 pieces at the armholes (right front, left front and back).

Unfortunately, Kristen has now realized that changing from knitting in the round to flat knitting means that 1 additional row is worked on the right side (as you knit from the center of the round to the base of the V, and then turn back to start knitting flat). On plain stockinette, this wouldn't be a big deal, but this design features  lace panels. Visually, a 1 row difference probably wouldn't be noticeable, but practically, it means that the lace panel on the right side would be 1 row ahead of the panel on the left--and this might confuse the knitter.

So, what do you think?
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