Event: Homespun Yarn Party

There's a looooooong break between Rhinebeck in the fall and Maryland Sheep and Wool in the spring (unless you're lucky enough to go to Stitches West, which I really hope to do next year!), but I recently learned we have another yarn-y event in Maryland to break up the monotony a bit.

This Sunday I plan to check out the Homespun Yarn Party, over in Savage, MD. It looks to be a great place to meet other knitters and, of course, buy yarn! Lots of indie dyers will be on hand, including some of my favorites: Wandering Wool, Cephalopod Yarns, the Verdant Gryphon, Neighborhood Fiber Co., and Dragonfly Fibers.

This will also be, I think, my first baby-free event since JJ was born. That's right, I haven't been on my own for longer than it takes to shower for the last 7 weeks. So I figure I deserve a few hours out of the house, petting yarn, even if I have limited time to actually use yarn these days.

If you're in the MD area, I hope you'll check it out too!