Tuesdays with Dory: Nursery Edition

I'm excited to let Dory take you on a tour of our newly completed HARRY POTTER NURSERY today!

When we last visited the nursery, I was being helpful, like so:


And here we are today!

Welcome to the Leaky Cauldron!

 Harry Potter Nursery 
I haven't tried sleeping in the crib yet, believe it or not.

Harry Potter Nursery 
That chair looks comfy, but I haven't used it either. I'm losing my touch. 
And I'm scared of the dragon.

Harry Potter Nursery
I'm suspicious of what that table is used for.

Harry Potter Nursery 
Dumbledore is so wise. 
Also, I would like to sleep on that blankie, but Kristen says it's handmade and not for kitties.

 Harry Potter Nursery
Oooh, a birdie!

Kristen says one last themed-item she plans to get is a toy chest, like this one, that looks a bit like Harry's traveling trunk. I think I could probably take a nap in it. 

 So, I guess we're ready for the baby's arrival.

I hope he's quiet.

Have a purrrrrrrrfect day!