Craft Room Addition: Amelia, the Aqua Dress Form

In preparation for baby's arrival, CP and I recently reviewed our budget and came up with a post-baby spending plan.

A spending plan, I might add, that, if implemented correctly, and assuming we've retained the ability to add and subtract correctly, will allow me to stay home with the Peruanito, for at least the first year!

We'll be putting it into action next month, and things are going to get tight around here as we learn to cut back and focus on needs vs wants.

So I thought a final, pre-baby splurge was in order.


Meet Amelia.

She's an adjustable dress form with a rather unpleasant, chemical smell and a heart of gold.

And I think she's going to come in quite handy for knitting sweaters, designing garments and learning to sew things that actually fit me.

Currently I have her adjusted to what I vaguely recall were my pre-pregnancy measurements, so she can show off my Rocky Coast Cardigan.


She can be adjusted in a number of different places: bust, waist, hips, neck (?), and back waist length. Bust and waist are probably most key for sweater knitting purposes, and can be adjusted from 33-40" and 26-33", respectively.

The height is also adjustable, which will be of great use when I learn to use my sewing machine and want to sew skirts or dresses.

I'll admit to not be spectacularly impressed with her sturdiness, but for $85, I can't expect miracles. 

She stands upright, adjusting seems fairly easy, and a little Febreeze ought to take care of that smell.


For now, she's not a bad sweater model either.