Bound Off: Heartbreaker Hat

Again, I have knit something in red yarn, and again, I can't manage to photograph it well.

Red, you are my enemy!

It was hardly my fault, though, as obviously the Peruanito needs a hat to match his Valentine's Day/Coming Home sweater. I had plenty of Tosh Sport leftover from his Little Oak cardigan, but after a thorough Ravelry search, could find no newborn-sized hats I liked.

I blame the pregnancy hormones.

Empty handed, I decided to just make one up.

Heartbreaker newborn hat
This is a pretty accurate representation of the color! Don't mind the shadows.

The lovely thing about newborn-sized hats is that they are very, very tiny, and even winging it, this took just a couple of days to come together.

The brim features a seed stitch border and  XOXO cables, perfect for Valentine's Day. 

Heartbreaker newborn hat

The rest of the hat is a simple plain stockinette, with easy crown shaping.


And still more yarn remains, so I've started a pair of matching Moc-A-Soc booties for the Peruanito as well. I knit a pair of these waaaaaaay back in 2010, and still can't get over how adorable they are. I finished the bootie portion of the 1st one yesterday, so now I need to pick out some scrap fingering weight for the cuff.

Baby is due in 2 weeks!