Saturday Sampler: Round the Virtual Neighborhood

You've knit your fingers to the bone, it's 3 days 'til Christmas, and you still don't have gifts for everyone? Take a break from knitting (no, really!) and pop into the kitchen. Here are some last minute gift ideas that come out of the oven, not off your needles:

 Nutella Booze Balls. Coat with whatever you have on hand!

Samoas Bark. SAMOAS!

Know a baker or bread lover? Sourdough starter
(That link even includes the cute labels.)

Cranberry jam! Easy to make with a bag of cranberries. 
Or jam and can berries you froze over the summer.

Homemade mulling spices.Yum.

Homemade caramels! I made these as office gifts this year.

Now, how to wrap them all up?

 Martha Stewart has some great ideas and templates, of course.

And check out these amazing FREE gift tags, labels and other printables from LollyChops!