2012: Year in Review

A look back at 2012.

There were FOs:

1. Business Casual socks, 2. Crosswired Hufflepuff socks, 3. BMP space invaders hand knit socks, 4. Brattleboro hat, 5. Duffers, 6. Little Oak baby cardigan, 7. baby mittens, 8. baby hat, 9. Rustling leaves beret, 10. St. Michel knit socks, 11. Miette cardigan, 12. IMG_5389, 13. Jaywalker handknit socks, 14. Juneberry Triangle handknit shawl, 15. Wildflower handknit cardigan sweater, 16. Norie handknit hat, 17. IMG_5179, 18. IMG_5145, 19. IMG_5135, 20. IMG_5103, 21. IMG_4885, 22. IMG_487623. Not available24. Not available

22 of them, by my count, including 3 adult sweaters. Not bad, particularly considering my 1st trimester coma! (And it should include at least 1 more adult sweater if I am successful with WIP in the New Year Project #3!)

There were also designs and patterns:


5 this year, and more to come next!

This was also my "bloggiest" year, with over 100 posts!

And what about last year's "knitsolutions"?

I most certainly did not knit 12 pair of socks this year. I came in at half that, which is still something of an accomplishment, I think (it's 12 socks, if not 12 pair!).

And I did knit the Wildflower Cardigan, which may be my most favorite project to date:

Wildflower handknit cardigan sweater

(Thankfully, it makes an excellent maternity sweater.)

Aside from those projects, I promised to knit from stash and learn to spin.

I did get a tentative handle on my spindle; I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I can turn a wad of fiber into a strand, so that's a start.

As for stash knitting . . . well, I did some of that, but not nearly enough.

(Interested in helping me whittle down the stash? Everything here is for sale!)

I've also managed to grow a baby; I guess we'll see how he turned out in a few weeks.

Tune in tomorrow to see what crazy promises I'll make for 2013. 

And Happy New Year!