Saturday Sampler: Knitter's Wishlist

As you rush around purchasing holiday gifts for others, have you thought about what you might like Santa to put under the tree for you (other than yarn!)? Here are a few ideas, for yourself, or the knitters in your life.

I'm desperate to get my hands on a set of these Chiaogoo Interchangeables!

Tricksy Knitter's notebooks come in lots of fun designs, and feature either lined or graph paper!

Jordana Paige's tool butler will keep you organized in the new year.

I wouldn't mind an L.J. Kaelms bag either.

The Loopy Ewe sells these yarn caddies from George Sichterman. They should keep yarn off the floor and out of the cat fur (well, hopefully).

I can't get over how adorable this owl/Christmas-themed fabric basket is. Project bag! Etsy seller bedesisters.
 This one's a little pricey, but darling too! Etsy seller lavenderhillknits.

Perfect storage solution for needle tips! Etsy seller karatstix.

So, what are you hoping Santa will bring? Other than, you know . . .