On being thankful

Ah, Thanksgiving.

No gift-giving pressure, just lots of eating and family togetherness.

My sister came over to make dinner with me, and spent most of the day taking poorly-lit, unflattering photos of me:


Interspersed with wrapping herself around my abdomen, hoping to feel the baby kick.

Overall, it was a good holiday.

And best of all, there's pie left! Lots of it! Two kinds!!

Mmmm. Pie.

And now that we're all done being thankful for various things, we have to start shopping IMMEDIATELY because CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE!1!eleventy!

Before we're done being thankful, though, I wanted to take a chance to thank my readers and fans of MediaPeruana Designs for all your support throughout the year. It is, as always, very much appreciated. And starting tomorrow, which is Small Business Saturday, and running through Monday--which happens to be Cyber Monday--you can take $1 off any pattern in my pattern store, using the coupon code smallbiz.

Hope everyone had a lovely, lovely holiday, and no one was irreparably damaged during Black Friday shopping!