On wee little knits

Babies need handknit things.

It's a rule, apparently.

And I'm not really sure why.

Babies ruin stuff. They poo and puke and roll around on the floor and grow too fast, and sooner or later, that thing you knit is looking more and more like the original tangle of yarn it was. Only dirtier.

But still. Babies need handknit things.

Who am I to buck tradition?

Since our wee Peruanito will be making his debut in February, he'll, of course, need lots of handknit things. February is cold.

So I've made this very small cap to keep his little head warm:


And some very tiny mittens to protect those wee hands:


The hat is the Norwegian Sweet Baby Cap, and the mittens, the Djevel-Mittens. Both patterns feature samples knit in stripes, but I decided to use a single yarn, just to make my life easier. It's not as if baby will know the difference, and I've been on a mission to use up leftover yarns.

I also suspect both are a bit big for a newborn, but I guess we'll see. He can always grow into them.

The centerpiece of Peruanito's winter wardrobe, though, will be Alana Dakos' Little Oak cardigan, which for reasons unknown I keep calling "Tiny Oak."


Peruanito is due February 8, but if he's anything like me (born 2 weeks late, as mom never tires of reminding me), he'll be late to the party and make his debut around Valentine's Day instead.

(There's also a darn good chance he'll interrupt the Superbowl, especially if the Ravens happen to be in it.)

So I figured he needs a red sweater for the occasion.

This seems to be a pretty easy knit, nothing's really going on until I hit the yoke, so smooth car knitting for now. I chose some Madelinetosh (of course) sport for the project, the colorway is Tart. The smallest size for the pattern is 6 months, so this is another item he may have to grown into--though since CP is 6'4", I wouldn't be surprised to have a big Peruanito as well.

I'm totally going to be that mom whose kid is taller than her at age 10.

I also have a pair of very small socks on the needles, and a vague blanket design floating around in my head. What do you like to knit for babies?