On forever Fridays

It's Friday!

And this day is just dragging onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn . . .

This is my very unhappy "I'm stuck in the office" face

I'm beginning to think time is going backward.

Not only do I have a 3 day weekend to look forward to (here at the Organization That Must Not Be Named, we like to celebrate that guy that brought disease and greedy Spaniards to the New World, where they nearly wiped out the native populations), complete with a ghost tour of historic Annapolis, but tonight is the Wild Card game between the Orioles and the Rangers!

This is it. If they lose, the season's over.

(Although, on the plus side, I bet I'll be a lot more productive in the evenings, not glued to the tv.)

So needless to say, I can't wait to get out of here. I've been watching the clock since 10am.

I'm also eager to get back to working on my latest WIP:


My Rocky Coast Cardigan, another gem from the Coastal Knits collection, is moving along swiftly--I've already completed the raglan increases and am working on the body of the sweater. It's an incredibly easy to memorize cable pattern, and there's no waist shaping, which makes for a very portable, nearly mindless project. The kind you can work on while watching a baseball game, for example.

Speaking, yet again, of Coastal Knits, just after I posted earlier this week about the Rustling Leaves beret, Hannah and Alana announced that the collection has been released as an ebook, AND, the individual patterns are gradually being released for individual download. Alana has also been offering a one day discount on each pattern as she releases it--today you can get the Gnarled Oak Cardigan at 25% off!
(If you check out her posts from earlier this week, you might spot a photo of me in my Wildflower Cardigan!)

And speaking of coupons, the fall coupon code for the MediaPeruana pattern store can now be found over on my Facebook page, and among my fascinating tweets, so don't forget to follow mediaperuana on Twitter!