Saturday Sampler: Round the Virtual Neighborhood

I can't say goodbye to summer without giving it its due--it may have been waaaaaaay too long, too hot, and involved too many mosquitoes, but summer isn't all bad. Here are a few things I'll be a smidge sad to say goodbye to:

Fried green tomatoes. I prefer mine sliced thin and coated in just flour, but any way you cook them, they're fantastic.

Corn on the cob. Quick and painless on the grill. I eat mine with Old Bay.

Mojitos. I grow mint just to make them. Of course, this year, they were virgin. Hmph.

Sundresses. Always comfy and quick to throw on.

Maryland crabs. 

Flip flops. Hideous, but so comfortable. And cheap.

So there you have it, a fond farewell to summer. It will be here again before we know it.

(Yes, I am aware that the last official day of summer is September 21. But I think we all know the ACTUAL seasons are: Winter, December - February; Spring, March - May; Summer, June - August; and Fall, September - November. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.)

And as we welcome in fall, some other hopefully welcome news: you can now purchase my Cielito baby blanket pattern directly. It was previously available only through Knit Picks, but you can now find it on Ravelry as well, for just $3.99!