On goings on

It has been a hectic week here.

(So hectic that even Dory needed a day off to recover.)

It was a holiday week, with Labor Day Monday, so you'd think things would be relatively calm.

But no.

First, we had our big anatomy scan on Tuesday morning, where we found out that the Peruanito/a is . . .


Just about everyone on the planet was convinced I was having a girl, including me. Right up until a couple days before the scan, when I realized I was so absolutely convinced it was a girl that I was bound to be wrong.

We also had a gorgeous girl's name all picked out, and not a single boy name, another clear sign.

So I've been spending the week reorganizing my imaginative wonderings and daydreams to be boy-centered. It will take some getting used to, but I'm already excited about, for example, dressing him up like this one Halloween:

Then, in the midst of all the excitement, CP decided it was a good time to back our almost-brand-new car into the neighbor's Mercedes.

I will note that our car has a rearview camera, specifically designed to make sure drivers DON'T BACK INTO THINGS. But I've come to terms with the fact that this is who CP is--the kind of absent-minded person who can back his car into things while watching it happen on a video screen in front of his face.

The neighbor, who has a 2 car garage and a 4 car driveway, insists on parking her car on the street, directly behind our driveway. So it was bound to happen eventually, I guess. No one was injured, and just some minor damage to both cars, but you never like to throw money away on something so absurd. Oh, the yarn I could've bought! (Or, um, baby stuff. See, I'm not selfish or yarn obsessed.)

Also, not exactly the way to make friends.

But we get our car back tomorrow (we've been driving a rented Chevy Tahoe, which feels very much like driving a tank--or so I imagine), and hopefully things will calm down and get back to normal so I can return to rambling about knitting. I've got a review of Namaste bags on tap for you all, and a look at the wee bit of progress I've made on some fall knitting.

I wanted to conclude with an update to my previous post--in addition to being available for purchase on Ravelry, the Cielito blanket pattern is also now available on Craftsy!